The French-Italian-German quartet “Die Hochstapler” (The Impostors) have in ten years of activity, three records and a constant presence on European stages, developed a highly personal way of combining improvisation and composition. Based on questions of language and communication, their music is developed collectively in extensive rehearsal periods. Card games, alphabets, mathematical structures as well as texts from Beckett to Kerouac form the basis for a radically free discourse. Four independent voices, free to suggest, pretend, agree, disagree or ignore at any time of the game, playful and ever changing.

Louis Laurain : trumpet

Pierre Borel : alto saxophone

Antonio Borghini : bass

Hannes Lingens : drums

Louis Laurain : Trumpet

Pierre Borel : Alto saxophone

Antonio Borghini : Bass

Hannes Lingens : Drums

Past concerts

Moers Festival

Konfrontationen, Nickelsdorf

Cité de la Musique, Paris

Festival contrebande AMR, Genève 

Stockwerk Jazz, Graz

Ferrara Jazz Club, Ferrare

Météo, Mulhouse

Fylkingen, Stockholm

Fondation Suisse, Paris

Indica, Brescia

Jazz d‘Or, Berlin 

Porgy & Bess Vienna

Le carré bleue, Poitiers 

Jazzaj, Budapest

Lieu d'Europe, Strasbourg

DOC, Caen

Improstor, Novi Sad

Kulturpreicher, Leer

Kunstlerhaus, Saarbrucken

Jazz an der Lohmühle, Berlin 

Bau4, Altburon

Jazz in Cerkno, Cerkno

Jazzhaus, Heidelberg

Instrument Museum, Berlin 

The art of Improvisation, Nurmberg

Cable Festival, Nantes 

Pavé Jazz, Toulouse

Hagenfesten, Dala-Floda 

Kollektiv Nights, Berlin

La Dynamo Banlieues Bleues, Paris

Angelica, Bologna

Pierre Grasse, Halle

Le 34, Paris

Offene Ohren, Munich

La Morinerie, Saint Pierre des Corps

Umlaut Festival, Berlin 

and more