"The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" LP/CD/DG - Umlaut Records 2018


After devoting their debut to the concepts of Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman and inventing the collective alter ego Alvin P. Buckley as the mastermind behind their second album, Die Hochstapler have with their third release officially declared Alvin P.dead and arrived at a music entirely their own. 

The title is borrowed from the literaryexercise of building a sentence including all the letters of the alphabet. This is no coincidence, as four out of six tracks presented here are based on a collectively developed musical alphabet.


Don’t expect this to sound like a dry exercise, though: The music ranges from the rustic romance of „Dear Margherita“ through the lively „The Music of Alvin P. Buckley“ and the surprisingly serious „The Fox“ to the zen-informed „APB is dead“. The remaining two pieces are two halves of Die Hochstapler’s Opus Magnum „Prima - Di Prima“, a more than half hour long four-way contemplation on the notion of cause and effect.

"Die Hochstapler plays the Music Of Alvin P. Buckley" CD - Umlaut Records 2016


For the second album, the main source lies in the discovery of the writings of one exceptional musician and linguist from Chicago: Alvin P. Buckley. A pioneering scientific resarcher in the field of probability theory as much as a versatile musician back in Chicago, Buckley retired from active music making after an epiphanic encounter with Stockhausen, but kept writing down ideas for musical games, structures and strategies for collective composition, as well as melodic fragments and short philosophic aphorisms, in his journal.

The vast majority of entries in Buckleys journal (1959-1964) circle around how musical communication could potentially be organised. Buckley applies mathematical laws to musical settings and derives rules and strategies out of card games and alphabets. 50 years after his untimely death in a tram accident on June 15th, 1964, Buckley's pioneering ideas come to life in the music of Die Hochstapler: Four independent voices, free to suggest, pretend, agree, disagree or ignore at any time of the game, collectively build up a rhetoric, full of hints and references, playful and ever changing.

"The Braxtornette Project" CD - Umlaut Records 2014


A work on the musics and philosophies of both Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman, has been performed at various festivals and venues in Europe between 2011 and 2014. A recording in four parts has been released as a double CD to much critical acclaim. This record features Axel Dorner, Joel Grip, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Antonin gerbal and Tobias Backhaus

"sensationell gut gelungen"
Curt Cusine, skug


"Anyone with more than a passing interest in either composer, or simply interested in thecurrent European jazz scene, should snatch this baby up."

Brian Olewneck, Just Outside

"excellent album"
Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz