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Die Hochstapler with Félicie Bazelaire, Patricia Bosshard, Emilio Gordoa & Michael Thieke

The Flop, the Turn and the River

a chamber music strategy game in two acts

The French-Italian-German quartet "Die Hochstapler" ("The Impostors") presents a piece for an ensemble of eight internationally acclaimed improvisors. Themes, rules, codes and complex relationships build a pool from which all performers can freely choose in the course of the performance. Together they create a unique and fresh music that is as much preconceived as it is improvised. The audience is witness to a self-renewing concert event on the edge of performance art, overflowing with enthusiasm and synergy effects

Félicie Bazelaire - cello
Pierre Borel - saxophone
Antonio Borghini - double bass
Patricia Bosshard - violin
Emilio Gordoa - vibraphone
Louis Laurain - trumpet
Hannes Lingens - drums
Michael Thieke - clarinet

The Flop, the Turn and the River has had its initital phase in October 2019 with concerts in Halle, Magdeburg and Berlin, funded by Musikfonds and Kulturstiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt.

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